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Growth formula

Pellet for medium to larger fish

Size 0.9 - 1.8mm - crushable formula

What DRP1 & DRP2 can do for your fry?

From research and growing three generations of Geophagus Ramirezi and one generation of Apistogramma Cacatuoides from newly hatch fry to breeding in just 3 months using the DRP1 and DRP2 aquatic growth formula.

This food has extreme benefits for enhancing growth rate, colour, and fish health of all fish types. Tropical and Marine. It has the capacity to substitute and replace brine shrimp, micro worms and vinegar eels if required. it can be crushed between your fingers to a size between 30-80 micron which is smaller than a brine shrimp making this food the only one of its type that can be fed to freshly hatched fry from free swimming to 3 months of age or more depending on the species.