Mystery Snail
Mystery Snail

Mystery Snail

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Mystery snails are one of the most popular additions to freshwater tanks. These slow-moving, peaceful herbivores, let you to sit back whilst they do some of the cleaning for you.

These snails are one of the most peaceful creatures you can have in your tank. They spend the majority of their time grazing on the algae that build up on the glass.

  • Species – Pomacea bridgesii.
  • Common Name – Golden Mystery Snail, Apple Snail
  • Origin – China
  • Diet – Herbivour
  • PH Range – Alkaline 7.8-8.4
  • Temperature – Tropical 24°c – 28°c
  • Breed Type – Egg Layer
  • Current Size – approximately 10-20c Piece Size
  • Sex – Un-sexed