Super Biochemical Sponge Filter

Super Biochemical Sponge Filter

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  • Biological Filtration
  • Air Driven
  • Sponge size 6cm X 12cm
  • Suitable for Aquariums up to 150 litres

  • Sponge filters are a biological filtration that builds up a colony a good bacteria that breaks down the ammonia and nitrite as water passes though them and also collect detritus to help keep a clean aquarium.

    Uses air via a uplift system to draw water through the sponge. A low wattage air pump using air system and doubles oxygenating the water. Simply connect to a air pump (Not included).

    Super aquarium sponge filter
  • Use environmental sponge as filter media
  • Suitable for all Aquariums tanks
  • With a airlift system,super biochemical sponge filter feature silent operation, and has an excellent filtering effect while oxygenating the water.

  • The special developed foam materials supports the colonization of bacteria,allowing for mechanical filtration in addition to biological filtration which will break down harmful waste ammonia and nitrite material resulting in a cleaner living environment for your fish. Particular they are useful for as breeding filter or as secondary filter.